We created a comprehensive branding campaign for Seattle-based burger franchise Lunchbox Laboratory, who needed a unique and unorthodox approach to match their mouth-watering signature burgers and outrageously-delicious shakes. Leaning more on the nostalgia-driven “lunchbox” and less on the atomic era “laboratory,” a robust website, print ads, radio spots and videos (drawing upon a late 70’s / early 80’s style) were developed and mixed with sharp humor to connect with the restaurant’s target demographic (males 25-40).
The campaign was a resounding success, generating a 200 percent increase in web traffic, a 500 percent increase in sessiion stickiness and a 30 percent increase of in-store foot traffic in the first month alone—helping to propel the company toward a national expansion that is now well under way.


1981 TV Spot

– Writer/Director/Actor


1 in 3 Americans

– Writer/Director/Actor


Heart to Heart

– Writer/Director/Actor


Radio and Pandora Ad

– Writer

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2012 April Lunchbox Laboratory Apparel, Film, Print, Web